Time, Tyrants, and Progress

On the Status of the Bill of Rights in the USA   ⇢   The USA is no longer a land of limited government and the rule of law, if ever

Loving Kindness   ⇢   It's easy to be cynical, to be mean, to be hasty in judgement, to overlook the

Persia   ⇢   Toward the end of 1951, the Parliament of Iran voted overwhelmingly to nationalize the Anglo Iranian Oil Company. This company was, at the time, the wealthiest holding of the British Empire. Naturally, this made the British a bit angry. This company (now

Another Year and Another Decade   ⇢   Today, we find ourselves in a New Year and a New Decade. Of course, this is not

Discipline   ⇢   Descartes said _je pense, donc je suis_ and later _cogito ergo sum_. His argument was something like: if I am able to doubt my existence, I am thinking, and if I am thinking I must exist. This seems to be absolutely true in a sense. If I am able to think

The New Conservatism   ⇢   If I were to think of what a traditional conservative looked like, I would picture men in suits and ties (even at the beach). I would picture their hats, and their long coats. I would picture women in skirts that didn't show ankle, and I would think of ha

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez   ⇢   Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Congresswoman D NY 14th {Bronx (City Island, Country Club, Morris Park, Parkchester, Pelham Bay, Schuylerville, Throggs Neck), Queens (Astoria, College Point, Corona, East Elmhurst, Elmhurst, Jackson Heights, Woodside)}) was born

The Year Ahead   ⇢   The end of 2018 had a few surprises.

Vanishing Privacy   ⇢   Many of us have become aware of the death of human privacy experienced by people around the world starting with the advent of smartphones. Some may argue that this started with wiretapping during the cold war, and others would argue that paper was no bett

Context for Communication   ⇢   Shared language is a myth. Having a shared language would require a shared reality. By this, I mean that people would be required to have a multitude of shared experiences before effective communication would be possible. In the past, I believe that this

War in Syria   ⇢   On the evening of Thursday, the 6th of April, the United States of America committed an act of war against the Syrian Arab Republic. The US Navy fired 59 Tomahawk missiles at al-Shayrat airfield (South East of Homs, and North East of Damascus, not far fro

The Naivete of Anarchists   ⇢   I have been told several times by both individuals on the left and individuals on the right that anarchists are naive. Personally, I find this to be not just wrong but also grandiloquent, invective, and bellicose.

War in Yemen   ⇢   The biblical land of Sheba is modern Yemen. There's evidence of occupation in the area from 5000 BC onward with civilization flourishing somewhere from 800 BC onward. These people went from polytheism to Judaism, then to Christianity around the 300s AD, a

Not Everything is as it Seems   ⇢   My grandfather never spoke of World War II. For the most part, no one ever asked either. Then, one day, I asked him about it and he answered every question with extreme patience, a level voice, enough love to spare me things that would have severely distu

A Guy in a Room Being   ⇢   I am just a guy. I am a guy who is in a room. Being. I focus my thoughts on my breathing. My mind strays. What did I tell to that coworker? Why did I say that? Fuck. I refocus to my breathing. I breathe in and out. I am not counting. I am not allowing mys

The Millenial Anarchist   ⇢   Like all children, I was curious. I had a hunger for knowledge that almost all possess due to evolutionary pressure. This hunger was only destroyed when I began attending schools. It's odd really. Children go into the system ready to learn, eager to learn

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