TT&P: The Millenial Anarchist


Like all children, I was curious. I had a hunger for knowledge that almost all possess due to evolutionary pressure. This hunger was only destroyed when I began attending schools. It's odd really. Children go into the system ready to learn, eager to learn, impatient to learn. By the time a child has reached about the age of ten, hatred has replaced curiosity. A vast number of children start to hate, distrust, and push against all forms of authority.

The hatred really does start that early. Children in public schools are taught to sit down, shut up, and perform tasks of memorization. Children must ask the nearest authority whether or not they are allowed to use the facilities. Children may not take sustenance when hungry or thirsty but only when permitted to do so. Children may not play, read, or engage themselves if time is allotted for napping. In every aspect of a child's existence, he/she must be awarded the privilege of doing or not doing something. In every aspect, children have become animals to be herded and trained. In many ways, a dog in American society has more rights and privileges than does a child. A precocious child will find that he/she is largely unwelcome and unwanted. Asking questions, disagreeing with the view of the authority and/or displaying disapproval of the status quo will land a child in a hallway during a lecture or possibly in a room designated for troublesome youths. What's worse is that many of that child's peers will hate him/her for asking questions. Asking questions requires the teacher to answer those questions. In turn, this will delay the assignment of homework. That delay means that there is no time left at the end of class to either socialize or work on said homework. The other students have no desire for learning and only a desire to get by with as little effort as possible, living to one day leave the system. This type of treatment stops only upon graduation from the school system, and then only if that person chooses not to attend a college or university.

This is exactly the type of treatment that breeds hatred, distrust, and active animosity toward authority. Adding to this is a realization upon entering the workforce that a person of my generation is fucked. Graduating into recession means that you likely already have a mountain of debt, and yet you are no more prepared to hold a job than you were when you entered that hell of school system. You will continue to work retail and/or food service if you're lucky. Assuming you make some connections, you might luck into a position as a 22/22/22 (22 years old, working 22 hours a day, for 22k per year). You are actually happy to gain this position because it isn't pink collar work. You are aware that you are working for less than market value, but at least you have opportunity for advancement, and without any experience (one paper anyway) this is the best you can manage. Later, assuming that a boomer dies or retires you may just move up into the middle income bracket. All the while, you are keenly aware that the dollar may not outlive you, and as such your 401k is probably shit. You know that Social Security will likely not be available by the time you are ready, so you are essentially being enslaved to the older generations. You know that your taxes will only increase and the value of each dollar you hold will likely only decrease.

Boomers wonder why our generation has no respect for age? Boomers wonder why our generation is anti-authoritarian? Boomers wonder why we seem lazy? Boomers think that we are entitled? How would boomers have been in our place?

When boomers were younger work was everywhere and could be had for the asking. When boomers were younger, minimum wage could actually support someone through college. When boomers were younger, the starting price of a new car didn't require more than a year's pay. When boomers were younger your college education didn't cost more than a new house. When boomers were younger, one didn't need a license to operate a lemonade stand. We are not lazy at all. What boomers are interpreting as laziness is a general diminution of motivation from the fore-mentioned facts of our lives. What boomers interpret as insolence is a general attitude of apathy, distrust, and a somewhat native value of merit rather than respect of age alone. Why would people in my generation trust or venerate the older generation at all when it is the older generation that has created the situation in which we find ourselves? We are not entitled. We are just one of those generations that can see the lies and graft going on around us, and we largely despise it. We can see that the state is against us, and that any law that supports the old at the expense of the young will be upheld and defended because it is the old who have the money. If boomers hate us, that's on them because it is they who raised us, and it is they who shaped the world in which we live.

We are aware that during the boomers' rebellion people were shot and killed. We are aware that there are some in that generation who protested. We are aware that there are many who resisted and voted accordingly (for whatever that's worth). Where are they now? Why have they fallen silent or joined in the statist fervor? Are they really so selfish that they are grabbing what they can and hoping to ride out false prosperity to their death beds?

So, I am an anarchist. I believe that the state can go pound sand. They've ruined the chances of so many. I welcome all young and old who believe in human freedom. I welcome the council of wisdom, but only of those who are honest of both their success and their failure. I know that many of my peers feel the same.

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